When you’ve been in the tailoring business as long as we have, making an alteration to someones personal garment can make or break your business.

It is for this reason that we are the tailoring and alterations specialists for many exclusive clients.
When you want the job done right, come to the professionals. We have the finest custom tailors in Southern California.

Custom Design

Fara Tailors knows that not everyone has the same body shape or fits the same size.
That is why we are not your average tailor shop.
We understand our clients needs and their desire to look the very best in the clothes they wear.
For this reason, we offer our clients the option to have any article of clothing custom made to them.

Men's Suits

Suit alterations can make any off the rack suit look like a million bucks.
We can alter any suit and make it close to custom made.

The Bustle

The bustle is sewn in after the hem is done. The bustle is designed to pin up the train after the wedding ceremony so the bride can walk around and dance comfortably during the reception. There are different types of bustles that work better with different dress designs. However, the two most popular are the French Bustle and the Traditional Bustle.

The French Bustle is best for gowns that have a heavier weight. It is slightly fancier than the traditional bustle and gives that signature “whipped cream” look to a gown. It is created by using ribbons to tie the gown from underneath to hold the train in place. Traditional Bustles are notorious for breaking during receptions. With that in mind, this bustle is best used with lighter weights gowns that have shorter trains. The Traditional Bustle is pined up on the outside of the gown

Leather & Suede

When it comes to altering expensive leather jackets and coats, Fara can work magic. The unique qualities of leather make it an ideal candidate for alteration, because you must take into account the natural stretching and aging that it will endure. The nature of your alteration will vary, depending on the type of leather and the area of modification.

When we change the dimensions of your leather garment, we do not rush.
Most work that is performed is done by hand, because our specialists have greater control over the workability of the garment. We realize that some alterations require a greater level of attention than others. Because we work in leather, we use heavier stitches that hold up to the kind of stress to which an outer layer of clothing is subjected.


It is often said that “Nothing is impossible for Fara”

We are a high-end highly skilled bridal atelier specialized in couture bridal design and European tailoring. Whether you are looking to have a custom-designed wedding gown created just for you, or you want to perfectly alter your purchased wedding dress, we can help!

Evening Gown

Evening gowns consist of elegant fabrics and intricate designs, which makes them extremely beautiful, yet difficult to alter. Our Expert Tailors and Seamstresses have put together a few tips help our customer better understand their gown and how it is altered.

Be sure your gown is cared for by an experienced seamstress who specializes in the intricacies of formal evening wear.